The Licensing

  • Single Product/ Server based Licensing
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Unlimited Redistribution/ Royalty Free License


Our support team welcomes the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

Educators and educational institutions can purchase the Flipdoo SDK at discounted prices.
Please contact us for more informations.

Single Product / Server or Service based Licensing

We provide a 'Single License' to 'Single Product/ Server or Service'. You are limited to use the Single License under your product, server or service. So, if you have two different products, then you would have to buy two license keys.

But you are free to use a single license for as many copies of the product/ server or service for which you have purchased the License Key.

The exclusive selling of the Flipdoo SDK without it being integrated into product/ server or service or server is not permitted.

Support and Maintenance

The Support and Maintenance subscription provides you with eMail support for all of our products. In addition your subscription provides all new product releases and updates while your subscription is active and we support the product.

The Flipdoo SDK can be purchased with either a without, 30 days, 6 months,
1 year, 2 years or Lifetime of support and maintenance subscription. If your support and maintenance agreement has expired it can be renewed by purchasing a "Subscription Renewal" within 30 days after expiration.

Unlimited Redistribution/ Royalty Free License and other Fees

You are free to redistribute, as many Flipdoo SDK (per Desktop application/ Royalty Free License) incorporated copies of your product.

Conaito Technologies provides royalty free licensing (per Desktop application/ Royalty Free License), you don't have to pay any fee or royalty to redistribute your products which incorporate Flipdoo Components. We do not charge any yearly or monthly fee.

Further information can be found in our license agreement or in the download section.

Our support team are aviable to answer your questions.


Flipdoo SDK has received Awards from well-known Download and Shareware sites including Five Star and Editor’s Choice Awards.
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